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Bem-vindo ao meu site pessoal!


Sou professora do Instituto de Matemática e Estatística (IME), da Universidade Federal de Goiás (UFG), desde 2013, onde faço parte do Corpo Docente do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Matemática. Também sou Coordenadora Regional da Olimpíada Brasileira de Matemática (OBM), desde 2015, e Professora dos Pólos Olímpicos de Treinamento Intensivo (POTI), desde 2017.


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  • imecc

    XXV Escola de Álgebra

    03 a 07 Dezembro

    The XXV Brazilian Algebra Meeting (Escola de Álgebra) will be held at the Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Scientific Computing (Imecc), of the University of Campinas (Unicamp), from December 03 to 07, 2018. This is the 25th edition of the most traditional and by far the largest conference dedicated to Algebra and its applications held in Brazil. The Algebra Meeting is a biannual meeting, and its first edition was held in 1972. 

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    Elliptic Curves: Arithmetic and Computation

    11 a 22 Fevereiro 2019

    The aim of this is school to introduce the participants to the arithmetic and computational aspects of the theory of elliptic curves. Elliptic curves lie at the crossroads of algebra, analysis, geometry and arithmetic. Vito Volterra, in his lecture for the opening of Rice University in 1912 said  The history of elliptic functions is well know. It has been written many times, perhaps because is the most interesting part of the history of mathematics. We pass from surprise to surprise in passing from one step, which we believe to be the most important of its development, to another which brings forth new discoveries new surprises In the last hundred years the theory of elliptic curves has continued to develop following exactly the pattern described by Vito Volterra. This school will provide interested students, from Uruguay and neighboring countries, with the opportunity to get an introduction to the theoretical as well as computational side to several aspect of the theory of elliptic curves.

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